Sender: Theresa Wright Atwood
Posted On: 09/22/2005
Year: 1966-1968


Camden is where the storms of life washed me ashore. My fist stop was on Wildwood next door the Lovley Mrs. Nimmo. CHS was an adventure from the first day I walked in with my black and white bucks. Mrs. Blake's Algebra test was the first thing on the menu. I knew algebra like I knew how to breathe. I flung her test back at her with a what else you got attitude. One wrong got me a "B?" Oh well, guess I was too Philly flip!

Winkie Cowherd initiated me by taking my art deco cross and wearing it. Frankie Hallman, who sat in front of me in some class, needed a pencil, turned around to ask me for one. Instead of asking me my name, he assessed my outstanding feature and gave me one by asking, "Hey Bambi, do you have a pencil I can borrow? Fontaine shockley (God rest his soul) Artist Extraordinnaire, was the first person to follow me home and check me out. I used to have great times with the crew who lived on Eighth Street.

Me and my no singing self used to drop in to the Grand Mr. Mumfords choir rehearsals. "I've been Buked and I've been Scorned" is the only song I remember.

I hated Phys Ed, but Mrs. Drew and Ms. Henderson were the greatest! Even the old crab apple, military style lady cut me a break in Health so I could graduate.

When the second storm of life hit, Mrs. Blake was kind enough to open her heart and her the door to her hme to give me shelter in my time of need. Does anyone remember her fine son, Fred Floyd before they moved to Cherry Hill? I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when the handsome guy who sat next to me in French class opened her door.

I mostly day dreamed in History class, but I loved Mr. Penestri. He was such a nice softspoken man. Hope I spelled that correctly. Little Mrs. Jones, the English teacher was a mess. She would look out of the window and call her students off the wall. Now that was too funny. I learned to love Shakespear when I found out the Fairview News Store sold cliff's Notes. I got every question right after that!

The Mighty class of '68 and the demonstration... I remember the march to WWHS to get what few Black students who were there at the time. I remember someone climbing out of the window to join the march. We marched across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge where the cars normally drive. I have no clue as to what park we ended up going to in Philly, but afterward, I walked to West to visit relatives. They woke me up to tell me I was on TV. Which leads me to that "F" in Speech class because I was too nervous to speak in front of the class, but the teacher saw me talking to millions on TV. Now that was not a fair indictment. In the park, I was talking to the microphone. I couldn't see the millions of people, but I could see the thirty faces in my class.

Oh the basketball games and the football games. CHS seemed to be on point in every sport. We were the champs everywhere. The Glory days...

11-4 and 12-4 What great homerooms. I enjoyed all the activities, the friendships, Karen Wylie, Loretta "Booksie" Hickman, Sharon McClure, Martha Timmons, Vivian Barnard, Michael Watson, Fontaine Shockley, Stovier Carter, Stu Shelton, Maria Hernanzez, Eddiberto Diaz, Sandra Hooker, Carole Mosley, Jennifer Holman, the Monk brothers, Cheryl Burt, Harry Edwards, Eric Green, Lenora Carpenter,Beverly Reid, Morris Reid, III, Ronald Thomas, Artie Waples, Ralph Blackshear, Richie Walker, Sully Austin, Arnett Keys, Eunice Green, Connie Stepney, Rosemary Kennedy, Marilyn Blanchard and the list goes on and on. I wish I had been there for the entire four years.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and it was a wonderful time as well. I want to thank everyone who touched my life during those years... Many have gone on to glory, but they will never be forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

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